My Art Book

My Art Book
Ms. Wood's Wild Art Adventures

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The fun of Writing & Illustrating a chilren's book I've been working hard trying to figure out all this social media stuff to promote my new Children's Art Instructional book...MS.WOOD'S WILD ART ADVENTURES -The Rainforest And let me tell you it's quite the adventure in itself! 
 Just putting together this book was enormous! The artwork, the layout, the art facts...phew! Now marketing through social media is a hoot!!! There is so much to learn and understand and my brain is only functional on the right-side...for art...I almost need someone to draw me a picture of how all this works and THEN I'll get it!!!

But...I must say, I'm quite proud of myself...a simple (but effective!) art teacher who is now evolving into a computer savy guru.....OK, I know those that know me are laughing..yes, the guru part is a huge stretch, however, I'm shocked (& proud) at how much I've learned and am still learning about all this, link here, link there, adverts here, adverts there!  Quite the dance!!

I think the movie Galaxy Quest said it best...'Never give up, never surrender"! And that's just what I did...or didn't do..give up that is!

If you've had similar experiences or are in the same adventure of writing and/or illustrating a book from your heart, let me know, let's compare notes and maybe share our new found knowledge here!

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