My Art Book

My Art Book
Ms. Wood's Wild Art Adventures

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Book two in my art education series

Well, I have been a busy girl!  Been pulling some 3am-ers this week to get this done and here it is!  I'm so happy with how it turned out.  It took me awhile to battle for the creative time, uninteruped to work on this over these last few weeks and before that working on the design concept of the cover...cherry blossoms, umbrella for my sidekick the frog, kimono hat band, the magical Torii, and the little koi fish oh and let's not forget the little lady bugs that also flourish on this magical island of Japan.

Now I can't wait to start on the inner pages!  I'm ready to put my brush to watercolor paper this weekend and start the first page, it's all designed and drawn and ready to go....but maybe I'll go out on the lake for a little putput to give me a wee break.  I've been at this non stop this week, determined to get it done and all  my art lessons to teach this week to boot, so I'm a little fryed and wired and excited all rolled into yes, I'm headed out to my little boat.....I'll be a Viking....for an hour.....

Friday, October 11, 2013

He Ya'll....I've started painting the Cherry Blossom on the Cover of MS. WOOD'S WILD ART ADVENTURES-JAPAN !!!
I love when I start adding the detail and stuff cause I love detail!
I'm sorry, don't have alot of time today to write, was up till 3am last night painting and watching Netflix on my IPad...that's my 'Zone' when I'm painting...oh yes, and my cat Bronson sitting in the window sill (how do you spell that!?) just off my table, or laying right next to my painting or drinking my watercolor water.....mmmmmgood. And the cat hair!  Well, let's just say.... some of it is worked right into the painting......Ha!
Gotta run...have a fun day ya'll!
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Jan :-D

Friday, October 4, 2013

Goodness! Look at me Blog! Two times in the same week! 

I did want to share with ya'll this review I just received from a great homeschool blog called No Doubt Learning.  Andrea Hardman and her two daughters read through Ms. Wood's Wild Art Adventures-The Rainforest, and drew and painted from the art tutorials in the book!  It appears from the review that they had a successful, fun time and are actually looking forward to my next adventure when Ms. Wood goes to JAPAN!

So, I've got to get back to work on said new book so while I'm doing that, please go check out the review and cruise around the No Doubt Learning site and see what all they have to offer!
Here is the link
Ms. Wood's Book Review from No Doubt Learning-a homeschool blog

Tootaloo for now.....
Jan :-)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hi there to whom ever is reading...hope your day if full and productive.....I'm trying to be!!!!  Why is everyday full of hopeful anticipation of all that you want to accomplish and then minute by minute life intrudes and sends you off to put out mini fires here and there that certainly weren't on your "To do' list for the day. Arrgh
But I digress....I should just be doing what I came here to do and not waste time ranting...or whining...either fits here....

Anyhoos,  I wanted to let you know about the progress on my next Ms. Wood's Wild Art Adventures-JAPAN !!!!  I've got the storyboarding completed, pretty much, you know there will be adjustments along the way, that's how great minds work....right?

So, I'm posting a couple of pencil sketched to hopefully get you excited about what's to come....Cherry Blossoms, giant ocean waves, Koi fish, Kimonos, Dragons, Cranes, Torii's and more!

I'm excited! and I just cleaned up my studio!...well, not totally because that would take days...but enough to where I feel 'inspired' to work, inspired meaning that I now have cleared an area on my painting table to actually paint! Wooohoooo!
So, there ya go....short and sweet because I've got a list a mile long I've got to get to...just like you!
Art Talk later......
Jan :-)
Opps....I'm back..If you haven't seen it is a link to a recent book review.....

Here are a couple of preliminary sketches of the Cover and the page all about single point perspective......

Friday, September 20, 2013

Ok ok....I know...I haven't been here in awhile, been exploring the marketing magic of social media, FB and Pinterest...fascinating!  And,,,alot of busy work going here and there all over the web leaving my mark so to speak to let folks know about my little art far so good...steady as she goes...Never give up, never surrender....I say that alot.
Anyhoos, I have received some most excellent reviews and I'd like to share them with ya'll !  Some very kind folks out there that have said very cool things about my art book for kids, which makes me quite proud I must say.
Here is a second review from Enchanted Homeschooling Mom

The next one that just came out this week is from another homeschool mom Lisa McKinney at Farm Fresh Adventures

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I'll be posting some sketches for the next Ms. Wood's Adventures-JAPAN!!!!  So, check back in soon ok and I'll try and be more diligent on posting...I'll try....
Ms. Wood's Wild Art Adventures-The Rainforest

Sunday, December 16, 2012


Check it out! Both books, MS. WOOD'S WILD ART ADVENTURES and BEN THE ENGLISH AFGHAN HOUND were reviewed...Awesome reviews too!

Take a look...and check out this homeschool site all you homeschool moms, its 'enchanting' !!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The fun of Writing & Illustrating a chilren's book I've been working hard trying to figure out all this social media stuff to promote my new Children's Art Instructional book...MS.WOOD'S WILD ART ADVENTURES -The Rainforest And let me tell you it's quite the adventure in itself! 
 Just putting together this book was enormous! The artwork, the layout, the art facts...phew! Now marketing through social media is a hoot!!! There is so much to learn and understand and my brain is only functional on the right-side...for art...I almost need someone to draw me a picture of how all this works and THEN I'll get it!!!

But...I must say, I'm quite proud of myself...a simple (but effective!) art teacher who is now evolving into a computer savy guru.....OK, I know those that know me are laughing..yes, the guru part is a huge stretch, however, I'm shocked (& proud) at how much I've learned and am still learning about all this, link here, link there, adverts here, adverts there!  Quite the dance!!

I think the movie Galaxy Quest said it best...'Never give up, never surrender"! And that's just what I did...or didn't do..give up that is!

If you've had similar experiences or are in the same adventure of writing and/or illustrating a book from your heart, let me know, let's compare notes and maybe share our new found knowledge here!