My Art Book

My Art Book
Ms. Wood's Wild Art Adventures

Friday, October 11, 2013

He Ya'll....I've started painting the Cherry Blossom on the Cover of MS. WOOD'S WILD ART ADVENTURES-JAPAN !!!
I love when I start adding the detail and stuff cause I love detail!
I'm sorry, don't have alot of time today to write, was up till 3am last night painting and watching Netflix on my IPad...that's my 'Zone' when I'm painting...oh yes, and my cat Bronson sitting in the window sill (how do you spell that!?) just off my table, or laying right next to my painting or drinking my watercolor water.....mmmmmgood. And the cat hair!  Well, let's just say.... some of it is worked right into the painting......Ha!
Gotta run...have a fun day ya'll!
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Jan :-D

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