My Art Book

My Art Book
Ms. Wood's Wild Art Adventures

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hi there to whom ever is reading...hope your day if full and productive.....I'm trying to be!!!!  Why is everyday full of hopeful anticipation of all that you want to accomplish and then minute by minute life intrudes and sends you off to put out mini fires here and there that certainly weren't on your "To do' list for the day. Arrgh
But I digress....I should just be doing what I came here to do and not waste time ranting...or whining...either fits here....

Anyhoos,  I wanted to let you know about the progress on my next Ms. Wood's Wild Art Adventures-JAPAN !!!!  I've got the storyboarding completed, pretty much, you know there will be adjustments along the way, that's how great minds work....right?

So, I'm posting a couple of pencil sketched to hopefully get you excited about what's to come....Cherry Blossoms, giant ocean waves, Koi fish, Kimonos, Dragons, Cranes, Torii's and more!

I'm excited! and I just cleaned up my studio!...well, not totally because that would take days...but enough to where I feel 'inspired' to work, inspired meaning that I now have cleared an area on my painting table to actually paint! Wooohoooo!
So, there ya go....short and sweet because I've got a list a mile long I've got to get to...just like you!
Art Talk later......
Jan :-)
Opps....I'm back..If you haven't seen it is a link to a recent book review.....

Here are a couple of preliminary sketches of the Cover and the page all about single point perspective......

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