My Art Book

My Art Book
Ms. Wood's Wild Art Adventures

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Book two in my art education series

Well, I have been a busy girl!  Been pulling some 3am-ers this week to get this done and here it is!  I'm so happy with how it turned out.  It took me awhile to battle for the creative time, uninteruped to work on this over these last few weeks and before that working on the design concept of the cover...cherry blossoms, umbrella for my sidekick the frog, kimono hat band, the magical Torii, and the little koi fish oh and let's not forget the little lady bugs that also flourish on this magical island of Japan.

Now I can't wait to start on the inner pages!  I'm ready to put my brush to watercolor paper this weekend and start the first page, it's all designed and drawn and ready to go....but maybe I'll go out on the lake for a little putput to give me a wee break.  I've been at this non stop this week, determined to get it done and all  my art lessons to teach this week to boot, so I'm a little fryed and wired and excited all rolled into yes, I'm headed out to my little boat.....I'll be a Viking....for an hour.....

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